Billing reports and new PDF services

Posted July 26, 2019 by Clark Wilkins

We've installed two new features in servicd recently and wanted to make you aware of some structural changes. First, off we just released billing reports in v1.3. This tool, available in other tools:customer billing reports is a fast and simple tool to show a client's billed services from a start to end date. The tool only has three parameters:

The report shows all jobs in the span which have some billing. The job, reason, status, and work done are shown on the left side, and the billing is shown on the right. A total of billed hours in the period is shown at the end. Also note the +pdf switch — more about this later...

partial view of billing report tool

In addition, we rebuilt the PDF function to do a couple of things. First off, we had been using wkhtmltopdf, running on our servers as a binary, but this generator is problematic at best. We've now switched over to a paid PDF generation service at*, and it's so much better. The PDF tool on servicd has now been modularized as well, and is now supporting both service tickets and billing reports (with more to come).

The beauty of Software as a Service (SaaS) is that we were able to build, test, and push this live with zero disruption to our clients. Have a good day and spread the word please!

* Technical notes on how to do this are available here.

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