Customer portal debuts in servicd Pro

Posted August 23, 2019 by Clark Wilkins

After a lot of discussion with potential clients, we've decided to release an expanded version of servicd as a “pro” version. With the advent of service tiers, we can serve both smaller/lighter clients with the regular version of servicd while adding features more relevant to larger organizations via servicd Pro. To that end, we are releasing a new customer portal today.

Let's begin by showing how you set up and manage customer portal contacts. The “pro” clients will see this additional option on their tools menu.

Since this installation has never defined a customer portal contact, we open the new client tool by default.

Once we've filled in the customer contact details, we're ready to add the new portal user.

The client is added to the portal table and ready to be used.

We can edit the client, but more important just now is that we can text or email them the connection information from the edit view.

+text is a one-click operation that sends the client a login link (more on this later). +email uses the standard email interface, but allows you to do some personalization. Just don't modify the login link — that user code at the end cannot be modified.

Now, let's look at this from the customer's view. They get this link from you by text or email, and they click on it to see this screen. We're using two-factor authentication to prevent someone from hijacking the login link, getting onto the portal and making unauthorized use of things. The user gets a six-digit number in text and/or email that's valid for 15 minutes. This is critical because it prevents another person from using the link to access the portal — the unauthorized user also has to have physical access to the owner's text messaing or email account.

Once in the portal, the user has a quick explanation of the three commands. Here, we show the user making a service request. Just two fields and a button to send the request. When they submit, every “dispatcher” immediately gets a text message and email to attend to the customer.

The active command shows all open tickets. This is just a quick overview for the client on what's scheduled or currently being worked on.

Finally, history generates a PDF of the customer service history (most recent jobs first) on demand.

This concludes the tour of the customer portal debuting in servicd v1.6.

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