Default email contacts in servicd v1.5

Posted August 11, 2019 by Clark Wilkins

A week ago, we released a new email engine in v1.4. It's been a great success and we appreciate the help we're getting from and What we realized pretty quickly though was that there was more we could do to make service email even better. Testing in the real world showed that when sending email traffic related to a particular customer account, we're usually contacting the same people — so let's just remember who they are and save a lot of typing.

Let's look at how this works by triggering a service report email on a customer account with no default recipients. We begin by clicking +email.

Since there are no saved recipients yet, our “to” list is empty at the start. Note the bottom control as well. You do not have to save the current recipients. Just set this to “no” before you press send.

First, we set up a name:email pairing on the “to” list. The colon is an important separator that splits the name from the email address.

Now we have a “to” list as well as a “cc” list. The bottom control is set by default to “yes” any time we type into the to/cc/bcc lists.

When the email is sent, and the changes are saved to our lists, we see this confirmation message.

Now comes the good part. The next time we email anything involving this customer account, the to/cc/bcc lists will all populate with the last saved lists. We can change them, but usually we will just add body text and send.

That's it for v1.5. Enjoy!

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