Getting started in servicd

Posted June 21, 2019 by Clark Wilkins

When you are setup for the first time in servicd, we do some basics to help you get going:

Usually there are two small steps, you must do before dispatching your first job.

Defining customer types

Customer types are defined via the other tools command on the menu. You will need at least one type before you can add a customer.

Adding a new customer type (mobile client)

Adding customers

The other thing you need to do is define at least one customer account — again via the other tools command on the menu.

Adding a new customer account (mobile client)

The name, type, and account (ID/number) fields are mandatory.Once you've added your first account, and assuming the job status codes have something defined in each class, you're ready to create and manage jobs.

Job status codes

The status codes characterize the job ticket's current state. Your company has full control of the codes you use, but you need something in five groups:

  1. the work has not started yet on this ticket
  2. the work on this ticket is in progress
  3. the work on this ticket is finished, but something else remains to be done
  4. the work on this ticket is finished, and it completes the job
  5. this ticket, and optionally, the entire job is cancelled

As before, the status codes tool is part of other tools on the menu. Customize as needed.

Ready to go!

That's it. With these three settings done, you're ready to work!

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