One-click job reporting

Posted October 30, 2019 by Clark Wilkins

In response to customer requests, we added one-click job reports today. The button, available on the job ticket and billing pages, generates a custom PDF for the entire job, to include the following sections:

customer information

The report begins with the customer name, specific location where applicable, customer PO, and address.

job tickets

All jobs tickets are shown in order they were booked. Information includes:

job billing

If any ticket on the job has biilable hours, a grid is generating showing all tickets, all time billing, and total hours billed by segment.

attached document

Remember you can attach almost anything to a job ticket? These attachments are also linked on the new job report — unless they are marked as private (in which case only your internal users can see them). Moreover, if the attachment is an image, the photo, etc. is shown directly in the job report as well as the default clickable link.

available to all

The reporting tool was just uploaded to all servers, and all users, regardless of servicd level, can use it immediately. Enjoy!

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