New email engine

Posted August 04, 2019 by Clark Wilkins

Today, we followed up the release of stockd v1.9 with servicd v1.4 — a release that brings in Sendgrid to run our email delivery services. This version ties together the new PDF services which debuted in v1.3 with a world class mail delivery service to ensure your outbound email gets delivered.

Since servicd is ground-up mobile friendly, we are going demonstrate it here with screenshots from a smartphone. Only actual customer information is obscured. Let's begin by generating a PDF of a service ticket. As you can see, it's a one-click process.

In just moments, we have a beautiful (and customizable) job ticket PDF ready to print.

Now, we click +email which brings up the new email interface. You can see how simple it is to add recipients as email:name pairs (the name is optional, and we also allow name:email if you prefer). Add as many recipients as you like — one per line. You can also use +cc and +bcc for more addressing options.

Above, we've gone ahead and added customized text to go into the email, but left the automatically generated subject line alone. Once we're ready, we press the send button and get a confirmation that our mail is on the way.

Checking on it in the Gmail client, we see the following:

Even thought the email is “sent” by our server client (absolutely necessary to avoid being spam-filtered), the “reply-to” address is set to your account so you will get the client's response directly.

This completes our overview of the new email interface. Enjoy!

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