The 90-10 rule

Posted June 13, 2019 by Clark Wilkins

The 90-10 rule posits that 90% of what we do in our work is a few basic actions. In the case of servicd, the bulk of our work is opening jobs, finding jobs, and updating jobs. So, adopting the model we first used in stockd, we designed this simple layout.

dispatching a new job (mobile device view)

The 90% of our work that we do all the time needs to always be accessible, so we have it on the top right menu bar: dispatch to make a job, and search to find and update a job.

There are other tools we need though, and servicd makes them all available via the hamburger stack on the left corner. What's interesting though is a second iteration of the 90-10 rule inside the stack menu. The 10% of things we sometimes need is divided into the 90% (technically 9%) of things we need somewhat often, and the 10% (technically 1%) of things we almost never need to see.

the "stack" menu (mobile device view)

Note the first three items.

These are all items relevant to your every day work. They are the 90% in this area. The 10% is in “other tools” which includes things like:

Below “other tools”, we include a few more things for quick access including help and, when applicable, tasks assigned to you. This simplification of menus is our rejection of complex, hard-to-navigate toolbars, cascading menus, etc. Let's just focus on the work.

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